Painting over gloss for a high sheen finish

painting over gloss paint

In general, the high gloss paint is a great choice for trim, woodwork, cabinetry and also high traffic areas. It is well resistant to wear and tear as well as very simple to clean. When it is the time to repaint, there are lots of steps you should take. This is because; the new coat of painting over gloss paint will not stick to the high gloss finish, unless you prepare it thoroughly. Changing the paint finish from gloss to flat can always be as easy as adding a primer and then selecting your new paint color. Most frequently, this also needs a few hours for the primer, more hours to add the next color and time to dry.

How to paint over high gloss paint?

When it comes to paint over high gloss paint, there are a few basic tips and tricks for painting flat over the gloss. If you follow the simple rules, you may end up with the impressive paint finish as well as patches of gloss showing in all over the flat layer. This would bring a professional as well as a finished fool to your room or any area, which gives the guest a first class attraction on how you feel about your own home. Below are a few tips and tricks for painting flat over the gloss.

Consider sanding

Usually, the glossy paint coat can also be a real issue, when you alter the paint finish from the gloss to flat. In such case, you must consider sanding the wall slightly in order to get rid of some of the glossiness. Before you enter the next step, you can simply use a rag to wipe away the most of dust or it might causes some problems, when you start to primer or paint the next layer. If you are not sure whether the wall wants to be sanded, it is always the best to go wrong on a side of caution in such case, so you just go ahead and then sand the wall.

glossy paintBegin with primer

The most essential step is to begin with a coat of primer to cover the gloss or it will simply bleed via to your new paint color. However, this primer coat must be a beginning point for any transition from water based paint to oil based paint, but it is specifically more essential for converting from gloss to flat point. The primer always covers the initial coat as well as a good way to make sure a more professional look in a long run. The latex primers are often very simple to paint and provide a good barrier between the gloss and flat paints. At the end, you should also keep in mind that you have to allow some time for a painting over enamel to dry completely before painting the next layer.


Therefore, once the dying time for the color of option is finished, you are getting ready to add the furniture, accessories and other accents, which make your room, feel like a home.